Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day In The Kitchen

Someday you feel the urge of baking and someday you just don't feel like going in the kitchen at all. Last week indeed the urge was there and I managed to bake Salmon and Spinach Quiche for the kids, Panna Cotta for a dear friend and Cinnamon Rolls for s-i-l. I love the smell in my kitchen when I bake Cinnamon Rolls...

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing Homework

After years of helping the kids with their  writing homework, I think my handwriting really do justice on that...

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Decided to clear up my fridge that has been bursting to the brim with I-don't know-what-to-do-but-I-don't want-to-throw-it-just-yet items. Get what I mean?

What better way than turning them into mouth watering desserts and not forgetting the calories that comes together with it. I managed to finished off my strawberries, blueberries, Granny Smith apples and blueberry pie filling. So enjoy browsing at Chocolate Strawberry Pie, Apple Crumble with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, Blueberry Cheese Tartlets and Blueberry Muffins.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Joining the craze of angry bird and rainbow cake with hues of vibrant colours...

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meeting up with bff

It was certainly an eventful weekend when my goodself and 7 bff decided to meet up and have a sleepover. All I can say is, really treasure our sistership bond and really just like what Masita said 'Love will keep is together'...

Cookies as a token of love...

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