Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cupcakes (Pricing)

1) Mini (A simple swirl or deco with buttercream frosting)
49pcs = RM50

2) Classic (Covered and deco with buttercream frosting)
Small (2.25" top diameter)
25pcs = RM50
36pcs = RM70

Medium (2.5" top diameter)
16pcs = RM45
25pcs = RM70

*Additional RM5 for chocolate ganache

3) Pure Indulgence
25pcs = RM60
36pcs = RM80

16pcs = RM55
25pcs = RM85

4) Special Occasion (Fondant Covered and Topper)
~Price starts from RM5.00 each (min 16pcs)

*** Price varies according to deco and topper. TQ

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