Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a week full of Macarons

Despite a whole week of unpredictable rain, orders for mac keep coming in that make me nervous and wonder whether it will turn out ok or not ...I'm glad it did just fine (kecut perut dibuatnya).

Thanks to Fauziah, Lai and Shira...

Filled with lemon curd, chocolate fudge and white chocolate rose flavoured...

And these are filled with chocolate buttercream and raspberry buttercream..


  1. gorgeous! and i love the ice cookies...soso neat!

  2. Wow! Thanks Yanie... Coming from you I am so segan n malu... knowing too well that you're really super duper good at this...

  3. eh eleh...jgnlah cam tu...wish i hv all the patience to do ice cookies!

  4. I love doing ice cookies provided I can really take my own sweet time. Kalau terkejar2 mmg semput... Just for your info I did your Kek Lapis Marie Cheese. Rasa dia mcm ice cream ek?Masuk mulut terus hilang, x dpt dikesan...hahaha thanks a lot