Thursday, February 9, 2012

My first post for 2012 and it is February already. How time flies... I have been super duper busy lately that I have ignored updating my blog. What a lame excuse. Anyway I will post those pics that have been overdue but meanwhile just enjoy browsing through these pics first. My arrays of sweeties meant for dessert table during Zora's wedding last 4th February in JB.

Desserts and arrangement in pastel hues as requested by the bride...

From another angle


Vanilla cup cakes

The wedding cake

Fondant fancies

Cookies and Chocolate Brownies

Love the whole surrounding. So lovely...


  1. I was at the reception and I love the desert table. And I adore your pink little cakes, their adorable and yummy! The cookies were amazing too. However the macarons got a bit soggy probably because they were out on the table and couldn't bit chilled. All and all, you did a great job. Too bad you're located in Subang, I would love to have your desert for my son's birthday next month.

  2. Thanks for your lovely words. I guess the mac was out for too long though I kept some of it in my cooler box and refill it a and when needed. You could tell me when is your son's bday incase someone is going back to JB. I'm going back to JB myself next week to deliver some cupcks for wedding kenduri. My friend will collect it at my mom's place in BBU.

  3. My son's birthday is on 15th March. Can you make 2D cakes? Meanwhile, can I order some macarons from you when you come back to jb next week? How much do you charge them?

  4. I think it should be ok for the bday cake. For macs will inform later the earliest available date sbb a bit tight up this week. U can emel me at or sms me 016-7378661 on the details of the cake ye...

  5. O wow! did you do all those on the dessert table? Awesome Murni. They look pretty and sweet, appropriate for a dessert table. is that your new venture? Well done!

  6. Thanks Wiz... I was doing my schooltime friend a favour. Since my brother was the wedding planner so I just came in naturally... hahaha